ContentHistorical data of Nan-Ming Dynasty
簡介坊間相同取材中,唯一的全文圖像數位版,是史學界公認現今收錄最齊全、最 權威的臺灣史料全記錄,也是研究者查閱最頻繁的典籍之一,更是鄉土教學、 臺灣文化之最佳代表。素有「臺灣百科全書」之稱,包含臺灣方志、明鄭史料 、清代檔案等309種臺灣史籍,4800餘萬字,上自唐宋元明之文,下至日據時期 臺灣當地人士之作,以貼近臺灣史的觀點,記錄詮釋臺灣各地區的開發史、城 市演變、人物事蹟、風土民情、詩文傳承等。
IntroductionOne of the most frequently used works by scholars of Taiwan studies and commonly called the “Encyclopedia of Taiwan,” the Taiwan Wenxian Congkan (ed. Hsien-Wen Chou) was originally published by the Bank of Taiwan. Taiwan Wenxian Congkan is comprised of 309 books and incorporates local histories and official documents of the Ming and Qing dynasties, including the short-lived Southern Ming. Includes poems, works from private collections (some of which are only remaining copy), and out-of-print books. Also covers topics from the Tang dynasty to the Japanese occupation period in documents gathered from local and overseas libraries. From the Taiwanese perspective, Taiwan Wenxian Congkan records a variety of dimensions of Taiwan, including the historical development of individual districts, the evolution of cities, deeds of individual people, local customs and culture. It is indeed the largest collection on the history of Taiwan in the Chinese language. United Digital Publications Company Ltd. is pleased to exclusively offer the only full-text and full-image version of Taiwan Wenxian Congkan as e-content.